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Don't Get Stuck Owning Two Homes!

I will give you a guaranteed written offer on your home within 72 hours of listing. This written guarantee will give you the assurance that if your home doesn't sell at a price acceptable to you, I will buy it myself for your upfront guaranteed amount. My Innovative Guaranteed Sale Program Guarantees that Your Home Will Sell with Perfect Timing and for Top Dollar!

Your Home Sold Within 90 Days of Listing GUARANTEED, or I Will Buy It!

As a homeowner, your biggest dilemma when making a move is deciding whether to buy first or sell first. Either way is risky because you could wind up owning two homes or none at all. Well, my Unique & Innovative Guaranteed Sale Program solves this dilemma. When you take advantage of my exclusive offer, you receive my personal guarantee (in writing) that I will sell your present home at a price acceptable to you, before you take possession of your new one. This means that when you see a home that you like, you can immediately place a firm offer. In other words, I take on the risk so you don't have to!

Unbeatable "Risk Free" Offer

My team and I make home-selling easy and totally risk-free!

My team and I sell over 200 homes every year (that's over 2000% more than the typical Realtor). I have the confidence to give you my personal commitment that if I am unable to sell your home, at a price acceptable to you, and with perfect timing, I will buy it myself. As an added assurance, if you are ever not absolutely blown-away with my performance for any reason, you can cancel your listing agreement with no questions asked, paying only a small termination fee. What could be a fairer or better insurance policy?

Contact me today for a Guaranteed Sale of your home and Start Packing!

Remember, home-shopping is much more fun when you know that your home is guaranteed sold. Discover how trading-up to a new home can be easy and risk-free with my exclusive "Guaranteed Sale" program. For details simply fill out the form below. I look forward to serving your real estate needs.

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